Monday, October 26, 2015

fatto in Italia, made with love

When you think "made in Italy", chances are you associate Italian luxury - the likes of Ferrari and Maserati, Gucci and Prada.  The quality, craftsmanship, and superior materials and ingredients aren't just limited to the exclusive high-end spectrum.  Artisan methods are passed down from general to generation like closely guarded family secrets, where the utmost beauty and care are priority.  Skincare like Proraso, mouth care like Marvis toothpaste, pasta and foods from Barilla, and chocolate treats from Perugina.  Not the most expensive in their categories, made with care, authenticity, and tradition.

This same thought can be applied to many other brands, not made in Italy.  Maybe there's a multi-generational family near your city, who are sustainably and responsibly farming the land.  Or your dental hygienist who is living her dream by designing one-of-a-kind bathing suits from her own studio.  You don't have to be from Italia to master your craft. Use their mark as inspiration in your own quest for excellence.

Focus on quality, prioritize making all things beautifully, and make the product you yourself would purchase. As consumers, you can always put your money where your mouth is - if something doesn't meet your standards, don't buy it!  Send a message to retailers that demands product integrity, quality, and value.  After all, money talks. 

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