Sunday, October 11, 2015

Footwear: for the soul, for the sole

Chiudi gli occhi é imagina. Close your eyes and imagine. 

Peter Nappi's grandson was born in America, but his heart and vision are purely Italiano. Since 2011, Peter Nappi has lived at the most unassuming studio on Nashville's Adams Street in what was an industrial boiler room. 

Imagine old world Firenze, where cobblers hand carved custom foot molds, freezing in time and space the exact curvature, measurements, and every nuance of your feet to make the perfect footwear every time. 

Now imagine that same craftsmanship, that same quest for perfection, created in the warmest, most welcoming studio. There's nothing industrial about the service, the products, or the experience at Peter Nappi, a far cry from the building's previous life. 

Take a look at the beautiful leather gymnasium mats: 

To anyone else, they'd serve exactly their purpose. But to Peter Nappi, they become the most beautifully crafted footwear: 

I'd venture to describe Peter Nappi as intrinsically curated, but everyone associates "curated" with "museums" - and "edited" implies a strict regime, and I don't want those connotations. Imagine the most exquisite footwear, small leather goods and handbags all expertly crafted from luxurious leathers by hand in Italy. Belts, cuffs, wine totes, and key fobs are mixed with clutches, backpacks, and handbags, all to compliment the heart and sole / soul of the company. Peppered into the mix, you'll find the most brilliant collection of European home decor and gifts, including one of my favorite bath and body collections: the coveted Santa Maria Novella and eyewear by Persol

Stay long enough, ask the right questions, and you might even be offered an espresso or Peroni. 

I've never actually considered bringing a Kinfolk, bottle of wine, and the best antipasti available to just relax and enjoy in a store until stepping foot in Peter Nappi. 

Imagine a group of people so committed to their vision that they literally live the brand. Imagine a level of concern and specificity so great that no detail is too small. Imagine a welcome so warm that the front doors are literally always open. See something you like, but not quite? They can make it for you. Have your Nonna's old crocodile coat you're not sure what to do with? They'll imagine for you the most beautiful shoes, and accessories with the leftovers. 

Close your eyes and imagine the best. Now you're imagining Peter Nappi. 

Ti voglio bene per tutti. To care deeply and love, but not in a romantic way. Reserved for family, friends, and to those you're familiar. Intimacy without being sexual. 

Peter Nappi cares deeply for your heart, for your soul / sole.  

Big shout out to JJ for her time, her insight, and the incredible service. Ci vediamo a presto!


Dana Nappi said...

What a great post - thank you so much for such a kind review! I hate I wasnt there to meet you but know you were in great hands with JJ. Please come back soon!
Ti Voglio Bene,
Dana Nappi

Joseph Shippee said...

My pleasure, Dana. I'll definitely be back, and will be sure to introduce myself to you and your husband. Until then, buona serata. E ti voglio bene.