Tuesday, October 20, 2015

more than a breath of fresh air

Oxygen is vital to life; imagine what it can do for your skin, too!  I've admired Bliss for years - their super hydrating body butters, never-ending streams of soapy suds, effective skincare, and tongue-in-chic take on life are all simply beyond.

Recently, they revamped and recharged their Triple Oxygen collection.  CPR is so much more than a life saving medical technique - it's the recipe for serious skin results.  The new Triple Oxygen energizing serum is perfect for all skin types - formulated with oxygen boosters and advanced Vitamin C to Clarify, Protect, and Revitalize.  Ultimately, the skin's natural defenses to combat environmental stressors and restore that radiant youthfulness are jolted into gear. Work this serum into your regular skincare routine - after cleansing and underneath your moisturizer.

If you're really needing to rescue your skin, or want the ultimate spa experience, visit a Bliss Spa and treat yourself to the Triple Oxygen Facial.  Absolutely beyond.

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I was not compensated or asked to write this review - I simply love the line and wanted to share the bliss. 

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