Friday, May 22, 2009

Business Meets Casual

I'm loving the versatility of traditional business clothing in a more relaxed, casual environment. Lately I've been mixing a lot of my suit jackets with my favourite t-shirts and jeans, or wearing pants reserved typically for more formal occasions, like suit pants, patterned wool pants, and even tuxedo pants, with fun t-shirts and even rugby type tops.

There's something sexual, powerful, and magnetic in the way a woman can easily transition from the power professional to the social magnate with the simplicity of changing from the office blouse to the party top, reapplying a lip gloss, and voila!

So the next time you're out shopping for work, be sure to consider the versatility of the garment. Comfort. Design. Quality. Style. Those qualities should be top-notch. After all, there's a little "Clark Kent transforms into Superman in a phone booth" in all of us when we're properly outfitted from the get go.

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