Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loving. These. Things.

(in no particular order)

-- the 2009 Volvo C30 - great gas mileage, great safety and luxe features, great style. I've yet to drive one, but will soon and definitely report back. regardless, I'm loving it.

-- the face that fictitious character "Bruno" (played by Sasha Barron Cohen) just flew in from the ceiling at MTVs Video Music Awards wearing a jock strap and some Victoria's Secret type angel wings, and landed upside-down with his crotch on rapper Eminem's face, who promptly jumped up with his entourage and definitely was offended. only ironic that the rapper who likes to poke fun at everyone can't seem to take a joke.

-- South African accents.

-- Orlando Bloom at the Burberry Day Party at NYC's New York Palace Hotel, celebrating Christopher Bailey's ab.fab. new collection, the new lighted Burberry sign in the NYC skyline, and all things British:

-- the excitement in giving gifts or sending cards when they're truly unexpected.
-- the Protein Rx kit from Frederic Fekkai.
-- the flavour combination of peanut butter and fresh banana.
-- the Orlando Magic battling the Los Angeles Lakers for the 2009 NBA Championship title.
-- Hallmark's Fresh Ink greeting cards.
-- bracelets for men (of all sorts and styles).
-- bracelets for women (the more, the merrier).

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