Friday, May 1, 2009

swimming suggestions

Put some thought into your beach attire this year. Think about how often you actually wear your trunks - then consider the salt, chlorine, and many times they've dried in the sun, been laundered - and you'll want to make your purchases accordingly. If your summers involve many days near the local watering hole or shoreline, you'll need to stock up on a multitude of bathing costumes.

Here are some companies with interesting prints, quality design, and fabulous fits:

Parke and Ronen - I love their 8" shorts. Classic fit. Not too short, not too long.

Christian Audigier - I'm not such a fan of the borderline tacky tshirts, jeans, or accessories for that matter emblazoned with tattoo inspired logos and Ed Hardy, but I do love Christian Audigier's board shorts for men. Remember, if you're wearing a busy print or design on the bottom, keep it simple with a solid coloured shirt.

Sundek - Celebrating their 50th anniversary as a leader in surfwear, Sundek makes an iconic board short, featuring it's iconic "rainbow" design and square back pocket. Amazing fit, very comfortable for the beach or any water sports.

Vilebrequin - the French leader has made fabulous swimming shorts since 1971. Loving the colour options and whimsical patterns.

Don't get me wrong - some designers actually make great swimwear. Dolce & Gabbana have a great beachwear line. Roberto Cavalli has made some great trunks, as have Theory, Etro, Prada, and Hermes. But with swimwear, I like to stick to those who focus on the category, like Sundek and Vilebrequin. Just the same as I'd trust Mercedes to make a dynamic convertible automobile, yet I'd be leery of a collection of shoes from the same brand.

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