Friday, December 12, 2008

a fashion riddle

I travel quite frequently. When I'm on the run, whether for work, play, or both, I always take a moment (or several for that matter!) to scope out the local shopping scene and squeeze in some retail therapy. Some would say I've transcended the "retail therapy" and now am just plain addicted to shopping.

Regardless, I was at a shop this morning. I took several photographs with my mobilephone. And we're going to play a game. See if you can guess where I was? I'll give you hints along the way.

Notice the higher end skincare. Strivectin. Origins. Clairns.

Notice the beautiful signage and product cards.

There's also a fragrance section.

With luxury brands like Armani...

...and Calvin Klein and DKNY.
There's a salon haircare section - with ranges like Bumble & Bumble.
Clearly labeled with lots of options...
So let's recap - there is an entire section of fine fragrances, great haircare, and an extensive selection of higher-end skincare.
This could describe many places.

Was I at Sephora? Nope.

Was I at SPACE.NK? Nope.

Was I at a Duty Free Shop in Dubai? Nope.

Was I at Harrods? Nope.

Give up yet?

I was at, none other than...

TARGET! Now, I too was shocked when I saw the amazing selection of goods. I'm such a fan of Target. Don't get me wrong, stores like Sephora and SPACE.NK for example are always beneficial to shop at, especially with their extensively trained staff and ability to get samples and professional opinions. But for those of us who know what we like already, your local Target really can be the "one stop shop". Brava, Target!

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