Friday, December 5, 2008

Please, Please don't ever...

...wear sweatpants in public. I can understand a sweat jacket on a cold day with jeans and a tshirt while visiting the local farmer's market or vintage furniture mart. I could even imagine some vintage fleece shorts to wear while working in the yard. Lounging in the house, traditional sweat-type materials are perfectly fine. As long as no one but immediate family are home.

But under no circumstances shall one ever wear sweatpants or sweatshorts during any retail activity, while dining, or doing anything that doesn't naturally cause one to break a sweat. And I don't mean sweating from a day-long power shopping surge. Hence, the term "sweat"pants.

I don't care how "fashionable" Juicy Couture or J. Lo think this look may be. It's tacky. Classless. And unattractive. You're better than that. And we deserve to look at something more pleasant.

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