Tuesday, December 16, 2008

holiday sale shopping

Every holiday season, before I go shopping for my friends and family, I always make a list.  On the list, I write down who I think I'm buying for, any ideas I may have for them, and then I assess my holiday budget.  Once I've determined how much (or how little) I'm going to spend, I then make a budget for each person. 

This list is incredibly useful when shopping - there can be so many options and items, that shopping can become overwhelming.  It also keeps you from going crazy in the spending department.  If you start early, you'll find enough options to choose from for each of your recipients.  You may also be lucky and find a sale.  Remember, if you're giving gifts that are on sale, make sure they're from the current (or most recent) season, are still in "brand new" condition, and don't appear to be spoiled or unkept.  Also, if you find something on sale, for budget purposes, you consider the original value - not the sale price.

For example, if my budget for Carl is $75, and I buy him a tshirt that was originally $50 but on sale for only $25, I would only spend an additional $25.  The extra money that I saved will go towards paying off any holiday debts.  If  you stick to your list and stick to your budget, you will still give great gifts without having to pay for weeks on end in the new year.

Be smart.  Shop smart.  Make a list.  Check it twice.  Stick to a budget that you can afford.  After all, holidays aren't about presents.  It's about the presence of friends, family, and holiday cheer.

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