Thursday, July 30, 2009

luxe loves

(in no particular order)

-- vintage (both authentic vintage and vintage inspired) accessories - like broaches, tie clips/pins, money clips, hair accessories

-- bracelets (I know, it's been a love of mine for a while - but I can't help it!)

-- couture details - like backer buttons, knife pleats, special collars and sleeves, visible darting, special stitching like top stitching or luneville

-- the perfect denim - perfect fit, perfect fabric, perfect cut, perfect wash

-- vintage leather goods - old school motorcycle jackets, warn in leather tote bags and satchels, roughed up belts, and broken in wallets - vintage leather tells a story and adds character

-- tone on tone on tone - especially now - khaki on khaki on khaki, gray on gray on gray

-- pops of colour - like silver, gold, bronze, aqua, acid yellow, ruby red, and rich purples

-- animal prints in unexpected places - like a belt, a shoe, or a coat lining

-- unending scarves (for both men and women) - luxe layers

-- unexpected kindness - picking up the tab for friends' dinner or drinks without them knowing, picking up flowers for a friend just because...

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