Friday, July 31, 2009

Spring 2010 Cole Haan

So yesterday evening I hosted a private shopping event at Cole Haan. When you love fashion and shopping - there's nothing better than gathering friends and family at one of your favourite stores, with good food and drink, and some of the most professional, personable, and polite sales associates for an evening of shopping and good times.

While I was there, I got to preview the Spring 2010 collections, and I must say - there are a few shoes that I can't wait to see in person and on my feet! (thanks to the ab.fab. trainer Melanie for my preview!)

My favourite for women - an incredible flat sandal with a yachting inspired rope detail. Flirty, fun, and full of summer vitality.

And my first spring shoe purchase will definitely be the wing tips for men with a splattering of the most electric, acid blue colour around the toe seams. I always talk about the importance and impact a pop of colour has on an otherwise boring canvas - and this shoe brings that example to reality!

Thanks to everyone who came out last night. Not only do I appreciate your friendship and support, but your feet will thank you, too!

PS - in a totally unrelated subject - you have to watch this commercial for California Milk. It makes me laugh everytime I watch it.

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