Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the femme fatale - these looks can kill!

I'm loving the big trends right now from women's fashion.

(in no particular order of importance, of course) -

-- statement jewelry. still loving the cocktail rings, giant bangle bracelets, and amazingly awesome earrings. Just don't go overboard. If you're incorporating one of these trends into your ensemble, don't incorporate the others. The statement piece is supposed to make a positive fashion statement, not a negative argument that's loud and obnoxious.

-- lace. Whether it's a laser cut leather pump, etched to look like lace, a lace overlay dress, or lace accents on fabulous, flirty shirts - I'm loving the intricate, delicate features of lace.

-- the power of flowers. I'm loving floral. In prints, both large and small, on fabric. In accessories, from silk petals on necklaces to bejeweled cuffs, to accentuating shoes, bags, and the ever classic broach pins, I love the femininity and natural elements of flowers.

-- embroidery. Fashionable frocks, terrific t-shirts, and summery sun dresses, I love the embellishment and attention to detail found in embroidery.

-- I'm loving flirty flat shoes. From the casual flip flop sandal, to the comfortable ballerina, to the dependable driver, to the glorious gladiator, I'm loving flats. (but don't get me wrong - I'm still loving the super tall shoes as well!)

-- I'm loving the confident, power women who's comfortable with the juxtaposition. The flat and the heel. The short mini or the long, flowing dress. The polished, proper suit and the rugged, rockstar appeal of indie chic. The new-wave, ingenue and the classically edited icon.

-- I love rich, international inspiration. Bali. Bombay. London. Los Angeles. Marrakesh. Milano. Paris. Prague. Stockholm. Sydney.

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Anonymous said...

Love the flower rings too! I've been looking for one I love