Monday, May 17, 2010

Sensual Style

I've always said that a key difference between luxury retailers and their less fortunate counterparts is the fact that in luxury retail, an appeal to all the senses is made in the sales presentation.

At Dior, I wanted you to touch and feel each handbag (or garments, or shoe, or eye wear, or fine jewelery piece), seeing how it looks and fits, while you taste some delicious champagne, smell the glorious bouquet of fragrances, and dance to the tunes pumped club-like into the boutique. In luxury, you experience the brand, instead of just shopping the store.

Now, Hugo Boss is jumping on the multi-sensual style by partnering with Apple for their latest fragrance. I was at Macy's in Chicago's famous Water Tower Place shopping centre yesterday and saw this display:

Paired with the latest Boss fragrance is a selection of iTunes gift cards, a 4GB iPod shuffle, and Hugo Boss branded headphones. Perfect for Father's Day, graduation, or birthdays, I love when great companies pair up for one fabulous gift. Music and fashion have always had a spicy love affair, and now both your nose and your ears will be happy!

It's only more ironic that Hugo Boss and Apple have teamed up, as there's been buzz lately in the retail industry regarding Apple being characterized as a luxury company or a retailer that appeals to the more luxe client. I definitely agree - Apple unveils their newest products and gadgets with the same fervor and excitement as Gucci unveiled the newest Jackie handbag. The presale of Apple's iPad was just the same as the presale of Dior's Gaucho. There's a cult following, an exclusive feeling generated from waiting list, "limited supplies", price, and selection. And the incredible product support, service, and warranty mirrors the same amazing service clients expect from luxury design houses. Other luxury ranges offer accessories for many different Apple products, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Prada. And music maven/designer/fashionista Gwen Stefani even created her own ranges of Apple products, available exclusively at Apple flagship stores.

When great brands join forces, everybody wins.

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