Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Bones

Q: What do amazing homes, fabulous fashion models, and Lydia Courteille all have in common?

A: They've both got great bones.

You can change your haircut, add or subtract some pounds, but you've still got the same face structure. Similarly, you can add on rooms, paint the exterior, rework the interior, and even repurpose their function - but the foundation remains the same.

In Mexican (and other South American cultures), skulls are a way to honour the dead. Unlike in North America, where skulls are either associated with Halloween or labels on bottles of poison, skulls are considered a symbol of beauty, of honor, and of heritage.

A few days ago I stopped in the Marc Jacobs boutique in Chicago. Amy, the fabulous associate, greeted me with the most delightful, warm welcome. The only aspect better than her customer service was showing me this truly one-of-a-kind creation:

The most fabulous skull earrings. They are an original design by Parisian Jeweler Lydia Courteille.

She has everything of a mischievous heroine in a boudoir, with a doll’s face and her hair, cut with a cheeky fringe; Lydia Courteille is a Parisian fairy tale reknown for her cabinet of curiosities where she pulls the strings, 100% dreamlike.
(From the article by Louise Chancenet for the magazine 'Please!')

Measuring 3" long, covered with 810 incredible brown diamonds measuring 9,98 carats and gilded in 18K gold, these lovely gems can be yours for just US$ 25 000.

Honour those who came before you, remember your ancestors, or simply celebrate everyday life with these stunning skulls. When you inject your sense of self into fashion, your style comes alive! And that is always en vogue.

For more information about these fabulous earrings or to inquire about making them your own, kindly leave a comment here.

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