Friday, May 28, 2010

What would you give?

I literally have goosebumps. Over the past 24 hours, my Mom and cancer advocacy have been consuming my mind. I woke up this morning and have had a beautiful, quiet morning. I saw one of my favourite bands (OneRepublic) perform live on one of my favourite morning shows (The Today Show) and drank some delicious Florida orange juice. I walked the puppies in the warm, glowing sunshine. And I've been watching videos on the Stand Up 2 Cancer website for the past hour or so. I first got pretty emotional when I saw the "who do you stand up for" video, and one of the celebrities writes it's "up 2 sons"... and now I'm seeing one of my favourite actresses talk about something so personal to me. My Mom was born with polio, and was helped so graciously by the March of Dimes. And my Mom died with cancer.

Do you know that feeling of going shopping for shoes, while wearing new shoes? Now multiple that infinite times. That's how I imagine you'd feel if it was your dollar that finally finds the cure for cancer.

Take a look. Join my team. Donate now. And Stand Up 2 Cancer.

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Anonymous said...

what an incredible video!