Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Metals aren't just for Olympic champions

This fall and winter, metallics will be back again. Not just bronze, silver, and gold, but copper, gunmetal, platinum, and pewter, too. Use metallics for accessories like belts, handbags, and shoes. Prevent monotony with monotone looks by incorporating metallics within your hue range. It's all about texture; metallics provide a visual depth like none other. Instead of little girl glitter, it's like big girl glam. And the same goes for men's fashion too - step out of the box with metallic leather goods, accessories, and fabrics. A silver satin tie makes a dramatic statement when paired with a black suit and black shirt. A bronze leather belt turns ordinary khaki pants into an extraordinary event. Newly appointed Creative Director Kris Van Assche made did Dior Homme proud for his winter collection, with a beautiful metallic gray puffer coat, brilliant metallic blue skinny tie, and metallic stripe sneakers. (Just be careful not to overdo the metallics, as you don't want to favor the Tinman from Wizard of Oz!).

And speaking of metallics, my favorite toothpaste (Marvis) makes the perfect unexpected gift. We all need/use toothpaste, and this is no ordinary paste. With delicious flavors like aquamint (my favorite), gingermint, and jasminemint, the vintage packaging and presentation add the perfect wit and whimsical touch to such a mundane, ordinary task. You can buy online, or visit your local anthropologie to pick up a tube or two or ten. Now you can brush in style!

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