Monday, August 18, 2008

Moncler, mon amour!

Fashion is forward. From designers thinking creatively for 6-8 seasons ahead of our current calendar season, to buyers anticipating what their clients will demand, the entire industry deals in the future. And personally, I love being over the next best thing before you even know what's hot. Some things, however, will always remain in demand, no matter the season, the style, or the trend.

I know it's hard to think about winter wear when it's blazing hot outside, but I must tell you about my favorite cold weather essential. In 1952, Rene Ramillion and Andre Vincent invested 8 million francs and created the illustrious Moncler, short for the Monastier de Clermont near Grenoble. Moncler's iconic ski wear has been rigorously tested, from being the official outfitter of the French Olympic ski team in 1968, to worldwide expeditions.

The designs appear to be simple, but the construction and technology is anything but ordinary. Colors are classic, with most fabrics giving a beautiful sheen. And the discrete, iconic Moncler patch is like icing on the cake. I have a wonderful goose-down vest in navy blue that is so versatile. Whether it's paired with denim and a long sleeved tshirt, or wool flannel pants, an oxford, and cashmere sweater, you always look like you've just jetted to Milano or Paris for some winter fun.

Buying off-season can save beaucoup d'argent. Plan now. After all, fashion is forward, and you don't want to get left behind!

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