Monday, August 11, 2008

un cadeau pour vous - a gift for you

I must confess. Today's entry shall serve two purposes. First, to educate and suggest you on some wonderful gift suggestions for those fashion-forward favorites in your life. Secondly, my birthday is just about 7 weeks away, and I know you might need a little assistance in the recommendation department. Alas, I present to you the perfect presents.

1. iTunes gift cards. Now, normally I'm not so keen on giving presents with attached monetary values. I think it's cheap, cheeky, and insincere. With that being said, fashion and music consistently go hand-in-hand. As do audio books, movies, and television series. Plus, the added freedom in tailoring this gift by the recipient is virtually limitless. And you can never run out of quality entertainment with the iPod.

2. Dior Homme Sport fragrance. It's brand new. And judging by the descriptions online, it shall smell absolutely glorious. Not to mention, Jude Law is in the advertisements, and he's one of my favorite actors and fashion icons. Dior Homme always pushes the fashion envelope, and rarely disappoints.

3. The Sonicare Electric Toothbrush by Philips. Everyone who's anyone in fashion knows that a great smile is the best accessory to any ensemble. High tech. Light. Travel friend. Perfect for the jet-setter in your life.

4. American design Icon Ralph Lauren is the official clothier of Team USA in Beijing's summer Olympic games. His classic pieces in red, white, and blue couldn't be more patriotic. And I'm definitely a fan. Especially of his Olympic Games Ribbon Belt, and his Slim Custom-Fit Beijing polo in white. Even though the games are just 16 days long, his collection is classic, incredibly well tailored, and timeless.

5. David Yurman makes the most beautiful, masculine cross pendant necklace. Cast in sterling silver and yellow gold, the piece can be worn every day, is small in stature, but huge in impact. Discrete and immensely tasteful. Indicative of my personal religious views.

6. Cole Haan's Tobago Thong (flip flops) for men are amazingly comfortable, fashionably, and highly enjoyable. The bottom soles are innovative Nike technology that mimics the natural movement of a bare foot. Online, they're only featured in brown or orange, but I know I tried on a black pair in the store. And I know this is hard to believe, but I actually do not currently own a pair of black sandals. So that would be swell.

7. Marvis makes the most delicious toothpaste ever. Their aquamint's secret ingredient must be crack. It makes me want to brush my teeth much more than the recommendation of my dental professional. Stocked locally in the USA at Anthropologie. And worth every penny. All 1,000 of them.

8. I have long been under the impression that wireless mobilephone accessories are repulsive and ridiculous. But that was before I used a jawbone. I still would only use it while cooking or driving. The sound is crystal clear for both users, is discrete in size, and very easy to use.

9. A Leica Digital Camera. The iconic German camera maker has made classic cameras of the utmost technical skill for many, many years. Not only do they capture stunning images, but the camera itself is very beautiful. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and you know I've got a lot to say!

As you can see, there are always great gift suggestions for those fabulous people in your life. No matter the budge or occasion, be creative. Be innovative. And be thoughtful. When giving gifts, remember that you're giving because you want to, not because you have to. Obligatory gifts are so last season. Presents should be bought with the receiver in mind, and reflect your own personality and sense of style. If you run out of ideas and possibilities, there are always priceless art, endangered wild animals, private islands, and hired help to consider! And in case you're wondering, only 40 shopping days left until my celebration begins!

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