Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You better shop around!

Smokey Robinson and The Miracles' 1960 MoTown Hit "You Better Shop Around" couldn't be a more fitting soundtrack for today's entry. With a little bit of research and patience, shopping around can save you a bundle on your next purchase. Companies often will run promotions on their corporate website, but not in the actual store. Others will have a promotion in the store, but not online or through the catalogue. However, if you ask, most stores will honor the online promotions or deals. Case in point - I just left J. Crew with a women's Madras patchwork blazer (to be a gift), a vintage pique polo shirt (for me), and a wonderful cotton zip sweat jacket - all for just $27,00, when their original prices totalled right at $250,00. While still a bargain, these same items would have cost nearly 100,00 online, excluding shipping, tax, and the hassle of not immediately trying the items on or having that instant gratification that shopping so often brings!

More often than not, companies now are slashing prices almost immediately after showcasing their newest wares. If you can resist the initial urge to purchase, waiting even just a week or so can result in substantial savings. And as much as I love shopping and having the next best thing before you know about, I love even more saving money and getting a bargain! So the next time you're in the market for something new, take your hint from Smokey Robinson and The Miracles and remember you better shop around!

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John said...

Consider this my attempt to put another pin on your world blog tracker map thingy. Love from Toronto!!!