Sunday, August 31, 2008

underwear, not outerwear

I love that tourists support America's economy. Their listless spending on souvenirs, hotels, rental cars, airline tickets, and entertainment while here brings a virtually endless supply of jobs and revenue. But their fashion sense (or more importantly, the LACK THEREOF) simply kills me. Case in point: I went shopping today in Orlando. And the world's favorite tourist destination didn't disappoint, especially in terms of people watching. I saw more people wearing tank tops and undershirts. WHY?! I understand that the weather is hot and humid. This is no excuse to wear ratty undershirts and wife beaters. It's tacky, tasteless, and trashy. The weather is equally hot and humid in Rome, yet the Italians always err in the side of fashion and style no matter the conditions outside.

And speaking of tacky, tasteless, and trashy, I am so over Angelina Jolie. I understand she's enjoyable to look at, and she might have made a few decent movies, but her pretentiously unpretentious personality and attitude is so repulsive. I'm not sure if she's trying to adopt a child from each continent, but her crusade to save the world is sad. I can't believe the people at St. John featured her in their campaigns. St. John's knits are incredibly beautiful, classic, and desired across multi generations, and the fact they've chosen Jolie is quite the opposite from their customer base.

Underwear is meant to be worn UNDER garments. After all, you wouldn't wear a coat underneath a dress shirt, or pants underneath your bathing suit. Remember, when traveling, dress smart. You represent your country, your family, and yourself no matter where you are.

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