Monday, September 1, 2008

well footed "heel estate"

Whether you've known me for a couple hours or a coouple dozen years, it's fairly obvious I am possibly, sort of, maybe, could be, super obsessed with design, fashion, and style. And my favorite fashion staple for women of all time must be: the high heel. Where else can you have a pain-free, non-invasive, incredibly cheap whole-body lift? And what better way to instantly glamorize your favorite jeans and tshirt? How else can you say "I'm a beautiful, powerful, put-together woman who is not afraid to take risks, take charge, and take names while I do it?!" When you wear flats, you simply show up. When you're well-heeled, you arrive.

This season, tall, vampy heels are the center of attention. The taller, the better. You know I love Christian Louboutin's creations, noted by their impeccable design and iconic red soles. Dior's heels continue to be incredibly sassy, sexy, and sophisticated, all at the same time. Chanel's heels will always be classy, elegant, and tasteful. And Manolo means business. Beautiful. (slightly) Bitchy. Bold. In all the right ways.

So ladies, put some pep in your step. Whether it's a grocery store aisle, an office corridor, or a suburban sidewalk, when you're well-heeled, every way is a runway!

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