Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Backer Buttons

Attention to detail and quality is always very important. Better jackets and outerwear will have something called "backer buttons" - these are tiny buttons sewn on the underside of the bigger, visible fashion buttons. These small flat fasteners sole purpose is to reinforce the usable buttons. They keep the buttons from falling off, getting loose, or tearing.

If your garment doesn't have backer buttons already, adding them is simple. Just follow these steps:

-- remove the original buttons

-- choose small, flat buttons with the same number of holes as the larger, fashion button

-- place the large, fashion button in place on the front of the garment, and place the smaller, flat button directly underneath the bigger button and the fabric

-- sew both buttons onto the garment

Simple, easy, and very effective at extending the wear of your ensemble.

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