Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Whole Foods Market marketing dream

I really am the Whole Foods Market marketing dream. Actually, my father and I are. You see, over the past several months, my dad and I ride our bicycles usually 12-24 miles a day. Sometimes we stop at random stores or run errands, and other times we just ride around our city.

Just the other day, I decided we needed to ride to our local Whole Foods Market because I needed to pick up a few items. I always laugh at the customers who pride themselves on shopping at Whole Foods because of the organic and other healthy foods, yet they sling their groceries home in their giant SUVs. So much for caring about health and the environment, right?! So, I strapped on the Boblbee backpack (which just so happens to be made from airplane carbon fibre), and rode our bikes to the market. We locked up our wheels to the convenient rack directly by the door, loaded the cart with my helmet and bag, and proceeded to shop like normal. Then, instead of using those terribly unecofriendly plastic bags, I simply loaded my goods into the backpack, and rode the rest of our ride.

Whole Foods is a market that is incredibly ecofriendly, prides themselves on sourcing local goods when possible, has an amazing selection of organic foods and an incredible smorgasbord of prepared foods. I love the store, and am happy that I was able to not only shop their store, but actually live their store's mission for the day. Maybe next time, instead of just giving a rebate for bringing your own bags, they can give an additional incentive if you ride your bike there, too!

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