Thursday, June 18, 2009

an open letter to Target

Dear Target,

I must tell you how much I normally love you. Your clean, bright stores with wide aisles and friendly staff usually win my heart and my almighty dollar. You've got a complete selection of Method Home products, an impressive collaboration with Alexander McQueen and Loomstate among other fabulous designers, and even carry my favourite Origins and StriVectin skincare ranges. You've brought me an entire aisle devoted to Britain's famous Boots the Chemist, Australia's delicious TamTam cookies, and even an expansive range of fair trade and organic foods. You've helped me save the environment by encouraging me to bring my own bags, plant a better garden, and by buying my favourite Preserve products!

However, you've recently disappointed me. On a recent trip to Target, I saw some very concerning things. Two words: Ed Hardy. Ed Hardy does not go with the traditional Target shopper. Don't get me wrong - I love my Christian Audigier board shorts. But, Ed Hardy artwork does not belong at Target. Neither does the perfume or cologne. Or anything for that matter. I know that Target is and will always be more in tune with the fashionable shopper, but, as a fashionable shopper myself, we're over Ed Hardy. We were over Ed Hardy a few years ago. McQueen? Yes. Loomstate? Yes. Ed Hardy? NO!

On a recent search at your website for "Ed Hardy", I almost had a mild heart palpitation when 53 results were found. Endless versions of tattoo art, and even a trucker hat were featured. At Target!

I'm disappointed. I thought we were friends, Target. Friends don't let friends wear trucker hats. Or hang Ed Hardy "stuff" on the walls either.

In closing, I hope this is just a rough patch we're going through. I never vowed "until death do us part", but I'm not ready to go to Wal-mart. So please, get it right. Sell the things I want to buy. And please, no more Ed Hardy. Or trucker hats. Those customers are at Wal-Mart anyway.



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