Friday, June 19, 2009

a French iPhone?

Part of being a fashion icon is having a certain sense of global awareness and exposure. Just think for a moment, if you will. If John Galliano never spent the summer in Argentina in 2005, we never would have imagined Dior's coveted Gaucho collection, inspired by the Argentine cowboys.

If Marc Jacobs hadn't invited Japan's Takashi Murakami in 2003 to collaborate with him, we wouldn't have seen the youthful avant-garde spin into Louis Vuitton's classic Monogram collection that we've seen. And now we see the Superflat First Love Monogram collection, inspired by technology, Japanese pop art, and fantasy with a reflection on the company's longtime history and tradition.

My point is, global awareness truly shapes us. Knowing what's happening in the rest of the world should not only inspire our style and fashion, but should help us live a better, more abundant, more meaningful life. Seeing how other cultures react to hardships, watching how other civilizations interpret events, and hearing how other people live in health, happiness, and harmony really enhances your own life.

Over the past several months, I've been preparing and studying to join the Foreign Service. I've always been drawn to other cultures, other views, and other people. And the opportunity to work in foreign lands, representing the country I love and claim as my own, would truly be life changing. As a part of my studies, I've been trying to read and watch as much international news as possible. In doing so, I found one of the best applications for the iPhone. It's from France 24, the French 24 hour news channel. And it streams international news live from Paris straight to your iPhone, worldwide, in French, English, and Arabic. I'm obsessed, and even have been listening to the application while I'm working out, driving, and even before I sleep.

As technology progresses, as travel becomes safer, our nations' borders seem to be closer and closer together. Take a moment to learn from others. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. After all, they may be from Christian Louboutin or John Lobb!

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one of the best articles, yet. Thank you!