Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You can stand under my umbrella!

Ok, I must admit. That Rihanna song gets stuck in my head, and then I can't get it out and spend the rest of my day ending everything in -ella, ella, ella. But, it's only fitting, because today my favourite Marimekko travel umbrella broke. It had accompanied me on three different continents over the past six years, and today, of all days, it ended its life. Not on purpose I'm sure. But regardless, it now is in the trash. I love it's pale yellow background with bright yellow dots all over. It was the perfect bit of sunshine on a cloudy day, and actually kept the rain off of my head and main portions of my body. The strongest little umbrella in the perfect travel size. Finland's Marimekko really knows how to make an umbrella. Now, of course, I have to find a new one. So of course, I consider other options.

There is Swaine Adeney Brigg - London's celebrated maker of equestrian & leather goods since 1750. After all, they're the fabulous craftsmen who Mr Spielberg calls when he wants to buy a hat for his adventure film with Harrison Ford. Raiders of the Lost Ark makes the famous Indiana Jones hat a film star in its own right. And they also just happen to keep Royal Appointments for the UK's ruling family since Queen Victoria in 1893.

I know many designers make their own umbrellas as well. I could opt for a classic Burberry check, or a classic black Dior Homme umbrella.

Who knows what I'll get. For now, I have something new to shop for. The perfect umbrella. Here's what I want:

-- something bright
-- something lightweight
-- something very durable
-- something big enough to keep me dry, but small enough to travel with or throw in a bag
-- something not everyone else is going to have

Some say I might be picky. I just consider myself being discerning and having expectations.

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