Sunday, June 14, 2009

a Wal-Mart pub crawl?!

yes, you read that correctly. one of my fellow college alumni recently celebrated his 27th birthday with a pub crawl downtown. for those of you not so familiar with the "pub crawl" experience, it's where you and your closest friends (and/or newly acquainted friends as well) gather and have a few drinks at each of several different establishments. sometimes there may be a theme, like "hawaiian" where everyone wears a lei or a costume theme at Halloween.

well, Drew's party was a "Wal-Mart" theme, where each person had to get an entire outfit (shirt, underwear, shorts/pants/skirt/dress, shoes, accessories) all from Wal-Mart for less than US$27. i must say, there were some creative fashion victims, i mean, fashion statements among the bunch. i'm loving the humour, the excitement, and the entertainment of the following pictures:

happy birthday Drew! well done, my friend. tacky has now reached a new lovely of entertainment. and i'm loving every minute of it! hahahahahahahahahahaha

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