Monday, January 5, 2009

networking = not working

Whilest a pupil in university...

OK, so I realize that is was too formal for language on my blog. Shall I commence again?

"When I was in college" I was the student assistant for our Board of Trustees. They were probably the most powerful, successful, and influential minds I'll ever hope to interact with. One of the many lessons I learned was from the former Chariman, who just happens to be the former president of a certain powerful company known spearheaded by a certain Mr. Mick. E. Mouse.

I learned that "networking" is one letter different than "not working" - the more people you know, especially people who are successful, powerful, influential, and/or well connected, the better it is for your future.

With that said, in honour of my Grande Mentor (as I love to call him), I shall provided some simple tips on how to improve your networking (and your image, too!) throughout the year. I want 2009 to not only be successful for me, but you as well.

So, your tip of the day -

Always carry everything in your left hand. Whether a brief case, a purse, your tote bag, your groceries, your umbrella - whatever it is - keep it in your left hand. This way, should you be required to introduce yourself to someone - your right hand is instantly free, not sweaty or dirty, and ready to be extended. The more you extend your hand in introduction, the more you extend your network.

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