Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spring Essentials for Men

in no particular order, your spring shopping list.

-- a tennis inspired vneck sweater. think tailored, modern. goes perfectly with your favourite tshirt and jeans, underneath a suit, or even with khakis and a golf shirt.

-- a sailing jacket. I love Puma's new yachting inspired collection. it's the new golf jacket. only better.

-- a motorcycle jacket. think more brando, less bon jovi. classic. for a more modern look, choose one in dark blue, light gray, or even red.

-- a tailored cardigan can be perfect. wear it whenever you'd wear a sport jacket or blazer. just make sure the fit is proper.

-- lightweight cotton suits. winter is over, so leave the heavy wools and dark colours at home. opt for light grays, navy, and khaki.

-- warmer weather = more outdoor activity. ramp up your style with athletic inspired apparel - you already see tennis, sailing, and riding on the list. add a splash of colour in the form of your favourite rugby shirt - pair it with some fitted khaki pants, and you'll be cooler than cool.

And for the super stylin' guy who still is stuck in cold weather - opt for heavier, winter fabrics in springtime colours for a transitional look until you can fully usher in springtime garb.

PS - Happy Birthday, Mom. I hope they serve birthday cake in heaven.

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