Wednesday, January 28, 2009

hello from Quebec!

So I'm in Quebec and Montreal for a few days in celebration of my brother's wedding.  En route from the warm, sunny climate I call home, to the frigid, sub-zero temperatures they call "normal" in Canada, I noticed something that I've already talked on a bit before.  And apparently I must revisit the topic.  

People just don't bring the essence of glamour to travel anymore.  If your parents aren't old enough to remember, your grandparents will definitely recall the days of formal travel attire.  Not quite "black tie", but more than the traditional "Sunday best", families used to dress to the nth degree for a voyage in the sky.   Quite the contrary to the ill-fitting shirts, rag-like trousers, and otherwise terrible fashion sense.  More like, a lack of fashion sense.

I move that we bring some elegance back to the sport of travel.  A driver, arriving in a tuxedo, cap, and gloves to drive your limo instantly says "whoever I am driving, is not only literally going somewhere, but is already miles ahead of the competition..."

So, next time you fly, take a moment (or two or ten) to spruce yourself up.  Put some pep in your step.  And not only will you be in a new location, you'll also be en vogue.  Bon voyage!

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