Friday, January 16, 2009

say no to the bush

I'm all for political activism. And I love both the products and services provided at Bliss and their wonderful spas. But I must say, I am not a fan of their recent email campaign. I know the economy is a less than blissful, and that it's still "trendy" to be politically savvy, but creating a sale for the "transition of presidential power" from President Bush to President-elect Obama? Wow.
I think this economy is a blessing in disguise for stores and retailers worldwide though. It eliminates mediocre associates, half-hearted shoppers, and less than stellar competition. It has forced retailers to lower prices where possible, strengthen customer service and clienteling, and be creative in driving and increasing business.
I don't know hy this campaign from Bliss isn't sitting with me well. I'm all for "manscaping" and "womanscaping" if you will - artfully and skillfully grooming the body. Maybe it's that I'm not so thrilled that they're likening "saying goodbye to our president" to "saying goodbye to unwanted body hair"...who knows. Regardless, the campaign is working - because people, like me, are talking about Bliss and their presidential transitional sale on waxing.

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