Monday, January 26, 2009

put your best foot forward

It really is "all in the details" - and it's important to not neglect your feet either! Ladies, regular pedicures can make a huge difference, especially if you live in warm climates where open toed shoes are regular accessories. And men, if you are excessively rough on your feet, or have prolonged exposure to harsh elements like salt water or sun, a pedicure is also something to consider.

If you don't want to pamper your feet at the spa or nail salon, invest in a good scrub brush and foot scrub to exfoliate your feet regularly - removing the dead, rough skin will instantly improve the appearance and feel. Make sure to regularly trim your toe nails. If you have discoloured nails, consult your doctor.

As for your shoes - make sure leathers are polished, clean, and free of damage. Visit your local, reputable shoe repair, or even consult with your shoe manufacturer to see if they have a repair program or option.

When you put your best foot forward, you're not only on solid ground, but you're also on fashionable ground as well!

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