Tuesday, January 6, 2009


There are few television shows that I actually get excited about. nip/tuck is definitely one of them. I love everything about the program - the hyper-drama, the storylines, the characters, and of course the fashion. Dr. Christian Troy by far exudes the greatest style - he's self aware (some would say cocky) about his appearance and image, he is comfortable in his skin, cool, classic, and just a fabulous fashion icon.

In honour of the series premier tonight, I'm including some of my favourite photographs of Dr. Troy.

And for your "networking tip of the day" - when someone offers you a business card, be sure to take it with both hands, hold it for a moment and actually read it, in front of the person giving it to you. Comment on the design or style of the card as you're placing it in your jacket pocket or purse - this way you're acknowledging physically (by looking) and socially (by speaking about it) receiving and actually caring about the card. Receiving a business card is receiving an extension into yet another person's network. Use with care.

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