Thursday, January 15, 2009

wireless earpiece devices

I love technology and convenience. Don't get me wrong. And I especially love my jawbone Bluetooth handsfree device for my mobilephone. I use it while driving, cooking, and grocery shopping - 3 tasks that usually require the use of both hands. I also wear it under my helmet when biking.

However, unless you are participating actively in activity that requires the use of both hands, leave the device somewhere else. I'm currently at a local bistro cafe watching a group of ladies lunch, and two of them have earpieces in! Since when is Bluetooth the latest trendy accessory? I understand the fun colours and new materials are alluring - but really?! I can't tell if you're talking to me or secretly conversing with your mistress on the phone! be polite. Be fashionable. Reserve the device for when it's actually needed.

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Kevin said...

Wow!! I could have not said it better myself!!!! Two thumbs up!!!