Thursday, January 22, 2009

Product (red)

As you may (or may not know), I am borderline obsessed with the Product (red) campaign! I always seem to be talking about it, wearing something from the campaign, praying for their success, and wondering what creative schemes will come next.

More than 1,750,000 people have received treatment. Over $100,000,000 has been collected in Year 2 of Product (red) sales - that's enough money to put 660,000 people on live saving medications for 1 year. More than 2,500,000 people have been effected by your purchases with Product (red).

Most of us don't know someone with HIV/aids. This is Angelique Nyiramatabaro, an 18 year old student from Rwanda. Angelique was born HIV positive and was told of her status when she was 10 years old. She and her sisters lost both their parents to AIDS many years ago.
Before Angelique started taking antiretroviral medicine, she had been too ill to go to school. The worst thing, she says, was the sickness which affected her eyesight so she couldn’t study or read at all. But now, thanks to antiretroviral therapy, she’s healthy, she’s in school and doing very well. Despite the true hardships she and her sisters face to keep themselves clothed and fed, Angelique says she feels the future is bright. Learning from her own doctors, she says she hopes to one day be able to study medicine and become a doctor herself. And she's received this assistance and hope from Product (red).

Product (red) isn't a charity. It's a choice. It doesn't cost you any extra money. Upgrade your choices to upgrade someone's life.

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