Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashion is more than just clothes!

It's true. Fashion is so much more than clothes. Fashion is having the right attitude. And I don't just mean the bitchy, overly judgemental, snobby type of attitude either.

Real fashion, the kind that is attractive, elegant, well constructed, and desired by many but replicated by few, involves a gracious yet confident, mysterious yet genuine, constructed yet natural, imagined yet honest.

You can have the most amazing clothes and accessories, but if your attitude leaves something more to be desired, your look can be instantly written off. I used to work with a woman, who quite honestly was very attractive physically - that is, until she opened her mouth and let her true personality show. Once you got to know her, you knew she was instantly the shadiest, most fake, and deceitful person you could ever imagine. Even the most exclusive designs couldn't help her.

Fashion is fantasy. And when you combine a terrible person with amazing designs, you wind up with a nightmare. Being fake, bitchy, and pretentious is so last season.

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