Monday, April 13, 2009

A fashion must

in no particular order, my monthly fashion suggestions for April 2009:

.. statement colours. the colours of orange sherbert, pink grapefruit, the (unpolluted, crystal clear) sea, celery, sand, and coral.

.. vintage leathers. whether the perfect motorcycle jacket, beat up suede boots, or the perfect handbag or tote, vintage leather not only is durable and amazing to look at, but it tells a story and adds the perfect piece of intrigue.

.. colourful sandals. i love the colour, comfort, and amazing prices of havaianas from brazil.

.. printed fabrics. i'm not just talking about patchwork, madras fabric shorts or skirts either. think geometric design, fabulous flowers, dots, and stripes.

.. lighter wash denim. dark denim is for cold, wintery weather. relax. let loose. lighten up. not just your personality, but your denim, too. and i don't just mean your denim pants and skirts. try a great denim shirt. and to avoid looking like a fool, make sure your denim shirt is paired with contrasting denim pants or try a cotton khaki bottom. for your jeans and denim trousers, opt for a straight leg. the slimmer, more trim look of the pants will carry over to a slimmer, more trim look of your body. i love these two pieces from diesel.

.. deconstructed jackets. soft shoulders, gentle lapels, carefree fabrics like linen, cotton, and gabardine. for men and women.

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