Friday, April 3, 2009

luxe loves of the moment

(in no particular order)

-- 20 Pine - What do you get when you combine the most luxe living, New York City, Giorgio Armani, fabulous amenities, beautiful views, and exclusivity? 20 Pine of course! Couture living can be yours. To say this is a dream home is an understatement.

-- You can't deny talent. Music has been a huge part of my life. And Jesse McCartney singing live is pretty amazing.

-- Since 1897, Globe Trotter has made the most beautiful handmade luggage. Travel in style.

-- unexpected pops of colour, like in this sporty orange watch from Emporio Armani.

-- I've wanted the Gucci bamboo cross necklace since I first saw it a few years ago. And to be honest, I actually forgot about it. Until I was browsing the Neiman Marcus website. And there it was. And I must have it. I think this might be my next "I don't really need it but I've wanted it for a long time and it would be a meaningful addition to my collection of fabulous finds" purchase.

-- the perfect v-neck t from Martin + Osa. super soft. vintage inspiration, without being pretentious.

-- and last, but certainly not least, I love planning surprises for my friends. one of my very good friends has a birthday that coincidentally falls on the anniversary of my Mother's death. as you would expect, it's hard for me to get excited about anything on this day. so i'm planning a little rendezvous to see him and celebrate in style a few days after his birthday. he actually has moderately good style, but most importantly, he's an amazing friend. going out of your way to make someone's day, especially someone who brings value in your life, is always a good thing.

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