Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mixed Marketing 2.0, and Earth Day!

A few days ago I wrote about the Mixed Marketing trends we've seen recently in the retail world. We all love to be right. And yesterday, my point was only strengthened. I received an email from Ruehl, a concept by Abercrombie & Fitch, advertising yet another concept, Gilly Hicks - supposedly the "cheeky cousin" of the ANF brand. I know that sex sells, but you'd think ANF might try something new with their marketing schemes, other than sprawling naked men and half naked women on billboards and advertising campaigns.

On another note, today is EARTH DAY! I was talking to a friend of mine who is fairly fashion forward, and she didn't quite understand why it was so important to be kind to the Earth and celebrate today. So I tried to put it in terms she might better understand. I said, "It's like getting an Hermes Birkin bag. You have to take care of it. It's special. You want to use it as much as possible, without exhausting it or putting it in danger. You only get one." Then she said, "Joseph? I have two Birkin bags..."

So for the 99.99999% of you who don't have more than one incredibly expensive French handbag, be kind to the Earth. Plant a tree. Turn off the lights. Don't use your car. Make a difference for a perfect world.

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