Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the perfect accessory - beautiful teeth!

I was talking in a department store today with my brother. As we made our way through to cosmetics department towards the menswear, I couldn't help but think something. I didn't just think it to myself. I thought it out loud. Some may consider this a problem. But I always say, "the truth hurts, but lies worse"...and as long as it's true, it can't be wrong. So what did I think? That there were some really ugly women selling cosmetics.

How ironic? Ugly women selling beauty products. Would you actually buy a foundation or some eye shadow from a woman who looked terrible? No. I don't think so. You wouldn't take your clothes to a dry cleaner that was in a dirty, dump of a building. You wouldn't buy your groceries if the store smelled like a dirty diaper.

When making a purchase, you expect the sales people to be knowledgeable, fashionable, and put together. They should epitomize their craft.

And I must say, one of my favourite former clients Lisa, who works at the Smile Stylist in Ponte Vedra Beach, along with her two doctors, Jason and Colleen, all are the prime example of my case en pointe. Lisa, Jason, and Colleen all have the most amazing teeth. And, as Jason and Colleen are both cosmetic dentists, and Lisa is their star employee, you'd expect them to have fabulous smiles!

From laser whitening and professional strength at-home trays, to gum contouring and the uber luxe veneers, the Smile Stylists can really provide you with the most long lasting, perfect accessory of all - a beautiful smile.

It's no reflection on her musical artistry or ability to sing, but when singer Jewel opens her mouth, you can't help but think she instantly had gone from "hot" to "not"...that snaggle tooth is just terrible. She really needs to go see Drs. Jason and Colleen to fix her grille. In entertainment, and especially fashion, looks and attention to detail really are everything.

Having a fabulous wardrobe, a buff body, great hair, and terrible teeth, would be like wearing a Giorgio Armani suit with shoes from Payless or some other hideous, cheap, and sinful excuse for a proper shoe retailer. It just doesn't work.

Make the investment. Amping up your smile will instantly ramp up your style.

PS - Drs. Jason and Colleen just opened a location in New York City! So if you can't make it to sunny Ponte Vedra Beach - hit the big apple and stop by their office!

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Emine said...

I was reading this, and when I saw the comment on Jewel I couldn't stop giggling. Apparently my husband isn't the only person who thinks Jewel should get a gift certificate to the cosmetic dentist.