Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Origins facewash, today only.

So there's nothing better than F.R.E.E. Especially when it's something I actually like or will use. And you know, one of my favourite skincare companies is Origins. And today only (15 April), with all online orders, you get a complimentary facewash (there are a few to choose from).

So you know me - I had to order my favourite face mask (and get my Checks and Balances facewash for free), and then turn right around and separately order my favourite Mint Wash shampoo (in the jumbo size) to get another free Checks and Balances. You pay shipping charges for both orders, but the combined US$12 fee is still just over half what it would be for ONE facewash - and I got two.

My Mom loved Origins products too. You see, I worked there for nearly 3 years while in high school and college. And I really believe in the amazing ingredients. I have seen the results on my own skin, let alone the thousands of clients I assisted. And today just happens to be the second anniversary of my Mom's death. So I think she was reminding me that all really is well. And, if this is just a taste of what shopping is like in heaven, I can't wait to be there!

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