Friday, April 17, 2009

hand written style

There's something to be said for the convenience of technology today. We love having everything instantly - with mobile phones that bring us email, Internet, and video conferencing, laptop computers that fit into envelopes and are as light as "air", and digital cameras with instant viewing, access to information is no longer delayed.

All of this is exactly why hand written cards, letters, and notes are even more special. Maybe it's the old world elegance of putting pen to paper, or the surprise of receiving something in the post other than beg letters, bills, and business offers.

When you actually hold an envelope in your hand, open the card or letter, and physically read your sender's remarks, the message is much more than what is written. Your sender, by taking the time to sit, write, and send your note, genuinely cares for you.

I love stationary. My Mother always had boxes and boxes of beautiful cards, notes, and papers. She loved Crane and Co. , cards of course from Hallmark and Papyrus . On trips to Italy, she'd always pick up a few packages from her favourite shops in Florence.

If you're going to start sending your family, friends, or business associates hand written notes, here are some tips:

... keep great cards and stationary on hand. with a variety of occasions, like anniversaries, birthdays, celebration, condolences, and encouragement.

... invest in a good pen. I'm not saying you have to go buy a Mont Blanc pen or one from Cartier (even though they are amazingly fabulous), but make sure you have something that writes well and doesn't smear.

... pick up some beautiful or fun stamps from the postal office.

... order a return address label, press, or stamp. I'm really loving the custom embosser from PSA Essentials.

So the next time you're about to send an e-card, e-mail, or text message, consider spending a few moments to actually write the person instead. It will really brighten their day! And that is always en vogue.

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