Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And the Emmy goes to...

So normally I don't like to comment on big fashion events - like fashion week, awards shows, and movie premiers, because everyone and their brother seems to insist on commenting. However, I must make an exception. Maybe because it's my birthday week celebration. Or maybe because the examples I'm about to discuss and show you only intensify ideas I've mentioned here at Thirsty.Threads.
Entourage. I love this show, and I love these guys. Notice how a formal affair can still be classy, elegant, and your own personality. We've got 4 different styles, 4 different personalities, and 4 well dressed men. Congrats, boys!

Guiliana Rancic isn't just my favorite E! Entertainment television news girl because she is Italian, beautiful, funny, smart, and all things fashion. But she knows how to wear a dress. And does she wear it well! The perfect colour. Stunning silhouette. Classic. Elegant. Sexy.

Don't get me wrong here - I love Lauren Conrad, and have no problem admitting that I watch The Hills...but listen clearly. Boo on Lauren's dress. You'd think for someone who designed their own dress that it would FIT PROPERLY! But no...awful. It looks like her breasts are smashed so much in this dress - ouch! Right colour. Terrible fit.
This ballerina inspired Ellie Saab number worn by Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross is absolutely AMAZING. Best colour. Best design. Best fit. It's flirty, it's classic, it's elegant, it's fun, and it's just the fashion risk Marcia needed to take. The floral bits were just enough of a sweet accent to the beautiful fabric. Well done Marcia, well done!

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