Friday, September 19, 2008

fall top 10

Ladies, I know you know how to shop. If you need some suggestions, let me know. Gentlemen, I know we're not all great shoppers. If you need suggestions, click on the links. Or you can always give me a call.

pour homme:

10. Patterned Pants.
9. Toggle closure coats.
8. luxurious scarves.
7. Michael Bastian.
6. The Artful Dodger Collection.
5. duffel bags and big tote bags.
4. boots.
3. dress shirts from Theory and Ted Baker.
2. new electronics and gadgets.
1. Dior Homme sport fragrance.

pour femmes:

10. shearling coats.
9. jewelery.
8. luxurious scarves.
7. tall, vampy heels.
6. anything wine/berry coloured.
5. clutches.
4. perfect hair.
3. chic silhouettes.
2. more jewelery.
1. minimal, natural looking makeup.

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