Monday, September 15, 2008

Ted Baker is the man!

Fashion for me isn't about the big, obvious details. I love the little details in fashion that separate the boys from the men. Take for example Ted Baker. I love the perfect fit of his shirts, the contrasting fabric on the inside of the collar and cuffs. I love the pin tucks and darting. And the durable buttons. It seems like his shirts are custom made, rather than me purchasing them anonymously at Bloomingdale's and other local retailers. I was shocked when I found Ted Baker in my local Dillard's department store. If you're looking for fantastic dress shirts, and are tired of seeing everyone else wearing your exact same shirt (like Express's 1MX button downs), Ted Baker is definitely for you. He is everythign you want to be. Young, fun, and full of fashion flair. Without being stuffy, pretentious, or over the top.

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