Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Rocked.

Blond. Beautiful. Bold. But Beyonce? Gag. I can't believe she even thought for a moment that her hideous blond hair would even evoke a flash of Etta James. Now, I must say that I do love Beyonce, and her singing. But her sister Solange can not sing well. Gag again. (I don't even want to put pictures of them here...that's how bad it was.)

But, on a positive note. Rhianna started the show off with a bang! Sexy. Power. Beautiful. Elegant. All things fashion. Her rendition of Madonna's fashion anthem Vogue couldn't have been better. I've always loved Rhianna, and now I am definitely a fan for life.

And speaking of being a know that I love all things Dior. And so does Charlize Theron. Fierce, rockstar heels. Black leather leggings. Plain white t. Amazing metallic silver blazer. And the most amazing necklace ever. She had "banging" written from head-to-toe. Perfect clothing. Perfect accessories. Perfect skin. Perfect hair.

I have always been a fan of Justin Timberlake, even before it was an "in" thing to do - but the blazer from his clothing line is so...gag. It looks like something from the My Cousin Vinny movie closet. But his performance did rock, and I loved his gray denim pants, black patent loafers, and black shirt. I even loved the super short black tie. But that jacket...

Fergie rocked her performance. But her ensemble was even better. Straight from Gucci's fall collection, her head-to-toe Gucci look was amazing. Her black footwear and muted black pants were the perfect canvas for her ornate silk top. Excellent execution, full of energy and envy - all things Gucci.

And last, but certainly not least, I must give a shout out to Chris Brown. His pants, worn on his natural waist, with wider, straight legs, were absolutely amazing. It's about time someone wore pants worthy of positive comments, praise, and fashion critique.

I must say, Fashion Rocks 5 did not disappoint. And not just because the proceeds benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer. View all the fun from the after party here. Pay special attention to the lovely jewels (the more bling factor, the better - but only let one accessory be the focal point of your ensemble - you don't want to overdo it), the colors (black, white, silver/gray, wines, yellow, blue), and the silhouette (especially those that flatter).
How does your style rock?

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