Friday, September 5, 2008

tragic... all I can say right now. I just left a high end shopping plaza, and saw the most tragic woman ever. Imagine a middle aged, overweight, Hispanic woman. Now imagine her wearing a dark purple velour track suit, that was probably 2-3 sizes too small. As if that wasn't awful enough, her makeup was like a drag queen gone wrong. Dark, dark lip liner, with clear lip gloss. Gold eye shadow. And way too much brown blush. And to accessorize this fabulously failed fashion, she had giant gold hoop earrings, at least half a dozen tacky gold necklaces, equally as many bracelets, and a metallic gold scarf tied in her hair. All I can say

On a positive note, I just smelled Giorgio Armani's new Diamonds for Men fragrance - and I am definitely a fan. Same goes for Tom Ford's Black Orchid. I never thought I'd like a floral fragrance for men, but I do.

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