Wednesday, September 3, 2008

who says Diamonds are only girls' best friends?!

I love diamonds. I don't know if I got this from my Mother, who loved her giant diamond earrings and rings. Or my Grandmother who had a ring with many diamonds (and a ruby or two). Regardless of the precious stones you may or may not love, it is undeniable that jewelery is this season's must-have accessory.

The ring that signifies your union as husband and wife. The pearls from your 18th birthday. Your Grandmother's ring. Your great-uncle's vintage watch. The bracelets you bought yourself. Jewelery is such a wonderful way to mark a special occasion, or no occasion at all!

Instantly add glamor and glitz by incorporating jewelery into your every day. Remember though, jewelery should accentuate your wardrobe - not deter or distract. My dear from Jody wears multiple David Yurman bracelets on the same wrist almost everyday. (And as you all know, I wear 2 bracelets everyday as well.) Jody's bracelets bring a comfortable luxury, an air of excellence, and exude such wonderful style and class. Stacking bracelets is especially elegant when you wear shirts with shorter, 3/4 sleeves.

For women especially, when you wear a beautiful dress with a plunging or intricate neckline, choose jewelery carefully. Strapless dresses can be accentuated with beautiful necklaces, but should then be paired with minimal earrings. As a general rule, if the earrings are ornate or larger in size, the necklace should either be simple or all together avoided.

Jewelery doesn't have to be expensive to be elegant, meaningful, or tasteful. Homemade friendship bracelets are priceless, and nostalgic as well. And we all know how popular Lance Armstrong's plastic yellow livestrong bracelets are! A friend's sister has her own jewelery line called Dear Georgette that is affordable, classic, and incredibly well made.

Everyone seems to have their own jewelery line. From Giorgio Armani to Gap, John Hardy to J. Crew, there's something for everyone. And it shines, sparkles, and celebrates the moment.

Jewelery can say a lot about you, too. I love the advertisements from "A Diamond is Forever" for their "right hand diamond ring". It says, "Your left hand says you're taken. Your right hand says you take over. Your left hand celebrates the day you were married. Your right hand celebrates the day you were born. Women of the world, raise your right hand!"

Remember to never neglect the fifth "c" - color, cut, clarity, carits, and Cartier! And when in doubt, Harry Winston cures everything from missed anniversaries, belated birthdays, broken hearts, broken nails, and always says "I respect you more than you'll ever know." With my love of children, cooking, fashion, and jewelery, I must say damn I'm going to be a great husband!

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