Wednesday, September 17, 2008

...and fantastic fashion to boot!

This fall and winter, the boot is the be all, end all fashion footwear. Tall boots, short boots, furry boots, leather boots, elegant boots, plain boots, boots, boots, boots!

Christian Louboutin's heels must have married a boot - his booties this season are absolutely beautiful. What a perfect accessory for a night on the town. Especially when paired with the perfect jeans and oxford shirt. Manolo's laced bootie in patent leather is the power boot of the season. Beautiful. Bold. Brilliant. For the biggest statement, pair with opaque tights and your best mini-dress. Va-va-voom! Dior's Deco elegantly combines leather and suede to create the beautiful bootie, with the iconic bow and charm detail featured on the outer sides.

Don't just stop with the bootie. Just like heels, the taller the boots, the better! Manolo's mid-calf buckle boot adds lift, power, and class to any fashionista's winter wardrobe. Gucci's Ginverva boot is anything but slouchy, even though the leather is! And what better way to prepare for the rain than with Yves Saint Laurent's patent leather rain boot?! The 3" chunky heel provides stability, while remaining incredibly fashionable.

For men, I love the more classic inspired boots. Maison Martin Margiela's waxed boot is expertly crafted and looks great with denim or distressed khaki. Swap Fendi's calf skin ankle boot for your traditional lace-ups, and pair with your favorite suit for a classic look with an attitude. Dolce & Gabbana distressed the classic Chelsea boot - suitable for almost every man!

I'll close today with an excerpt from the Style Guy in January 2001's GQ.

Q: Are boots with suits OK in winter? I live in Chicago and walk to work, and I hate messing up my dress shoes.

A: Nothing looks more pathetic than an underdressed businessman negotiating the arctic blast. It’s some kind of prepster machismo that is entirely ridiculous, unhealthy and ruinous to footwear. I see these hatless, coatless knuckleheads all winter, up to the socks in slush, skidding and falling in their leather-soled dress shoes. Over-the-ankle lace-up boots with rubber soles are great for winter conditions. I wear them with a suit at the hint of impending slush. I also have a higher—but sleek—pair of Prada post-Beatle boots with rubber soles that are snow tires for the feet. Of course, if you want to wear your dress shoes, nothing’s more sensible than covering them with classic galoshes. You also have the option of braving the streets in foul-weather footgear such as Timberlands and then changing into something more dressy once you hit the carpet. Remember this handy mnemonic device: boots rhymes with suits; muck rhymes with schmuck.

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