Tuesday, September 9, 2008

espresso to sustain, wine to encourage

I love when better/finer retailers offer drinks and snacks. The simple gesture makes the client feel more important, more valuable. But it is the retailer who ultimately benefits. Espresso is packed with caffeine. When clients are lacking in energy and excitement, they may need a little revving up, which is easily accomplished with a shot of Italian goodness. And for those clients who may need a little encouragement in purchasing or making a decision to buy, a little wine may loosen up the threshold. The client feels better. The associate makes a sale. Everyone wins.

At Dior, I used to get my better clients Starbucks or a little Moet while they shopped. I offered the beverages genuinely to be kind, but noticed it had a positive effect for me as well. So later at J. Crew, I was sure to utilize the same trick - and voila - instant success for everyone!

So the next time you're out shopping, watch for the drinks. Your favorite sales associate might be trying to tell you something. And remember, we should all drink more water. It's safer in terms of spending, and better in terms of health!

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